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Buy It Now

Are you in rush & do not wish to wait until the auction ends? You may just be able to get it immediately.

When there is Buy It Now icon displayed next to a listing or a Buy It Now price listed on an item page, there will be a special opportunity for you to grab that item immediately without waiting for the auction to end.


It is easy to use Buy It Now (where provided by seller):

Step 1:

Identify desired item with a Buy-It-Now option. You can easily identify them on item listing page or when browsing for listings.

Step 2:

Click the "Buy-It-Now" button. You may be requested to sign in if you have not done so.

Step 3:

You'll see a Buy It Now confirmation message. Follow the screen instruction to proceed and the auction will end and be awarded to you.

Step 4:

Make an arrangement with the seller for payment, shipping or collection.


Important note to buyer:

Shipping and handling charges are not included within the Buy-It-Now price unless stated specifically by the seller. You may have to contact the seller to determine the final price of the item, including any shipping and handling charges that may be added to the Buy-It-Now price.

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