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Auto Resubmit: An option for the seller to automatically resubmits the auction if the item is not sold when the auction ends. The auction reopens with the same pricing, specification & details.

Automatic Max Bidding: Based on the max bidding amount entered by the buyer, the system automatically bids on the buyer behalf at the lowest possible increments. The buyer simply enters the max amount he/she is willing to pay, then the system takes over from there on. The goal is for the buyer to win the item at the lowest possible price.

Buy It Now Price: The price at which the seller is willing to sell the listed item immediately. The auction ends automatically once a bidder meets the buy it now price.

Listing / Auction Duration: The number of days people view your listing and make the purchase.

Minimum Rating: Seller can specify a minimum rating for the buyer to qualify & participate in the auction or purchase.

Image Upload: Image Upload is a feature to attach pictures to your listings that are visible to potential buyers.

Sign Up: In order to Buy or Sell an item, you need to create an account with adpasar. Registration is absolutely free and it is required to use many of our services.

Trade Policies: As the seller, you may specify how you want the transactions to proceed. For example, you may consider specifying some of these common policies:

  1. Decide on the payment methods that you are willing to accept from the buyers (eg. Paypal, checks, credit cards, COD etc).
  2. Specify the party responsible for paying for the shipping costs -- Either Seller or Buyer.
  3. Specify whether you entertain meet-up and/or self-collection.


Starting Price: All bidding for your item will start at this price. Please keep this amount as low as possible. Bids below this amount will not be accepted.
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