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User ID: wifl4ag
Register Date:  January 04, 2009
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Listing # Rating Feedback Comments For By Member Date
1269452122 Praise: Good Seller. Thank you Seller takumi88(1) 2012-03-30
0 Praise: Highly Recommended!!! (11/27/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-11-15
0 Praise: Highly Recommended!!! (11/27/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-11-15
0 Praise: Highly Recommended!!! (11/27/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-11-15
0 Praise: smooth transaction, thanks! (11/16/2007) Buyer @msg4health(23) 2007-11-15
0 Praise: Great buyer!!transaction was smooth!!=) (11/18/2007) Buyer @estinyx(4) 2007-11-12
0 Praise: fast payment n prompt response (11/18/2007) Buyer @yak952(384) 2007-11-07
0 Complaint: fussy buyer, i gauged the postage to be $1.50 but it turned out to be $1 so u demand back $0.50? how about the envelope costs money too? sorry about the missing pages i told u i didn't notice it (11/18/2007)
and anyway i was selling the magazine, u also din noe there was suppsoed to be a poster until u received it so why demand it? i never said it was included and i also told u i didn't even notice it was missing.. why u so mean (11/18/2007)
you're so lame! at first rate me neut, then when i rate u back neut u come back and rate me bad? so childish (11/19/2007)
Response:Seller not being honest when dealing biz. Stated $1.50 for postage in auction, ended up wanted 2 charged me extra for so called handling. When I received the book, she only used $1 for stamp! (11/19/2007)
Response:When i demand explaination for missing pgs & extra postage, she still pretend she doesnt know. Pls take a good look on the cover of the book! As for postage, she said still dare to argue for the so call envelop, which was just a piece of paper! (11/19/2007)
Response:Thank for the rating. I'll bring up this issue to CASE and see whose right and wrong. Btw, pls mind ur language. (11/19/2007)
Seller @iluveggtofu(91) 2007-11-04
0 Praise: Prompt and efficient. Thanks for buying! (10/28/2007) Buyer @psychotic_homosapien(20) 2007-10-22
0 Praise: Highly Recommended!!! Hope to trade with you again :P (10/22/2007) Buyer @fridakahlosg(23) 2007-10-13
0 Praise: Sincere and friendly buyer. Thanks for the purchase. Do leave me a rating when u recieve your item. (10/16/2007)
Hi, just to check have u receive the item? (10/19/2007)
Buyer @serene_3412(111) 2007-10-10
0 Praise: great seller.. reccomended to all (09/07/2007) Seller @illusionsoftjy(10) 2007-09-04
0 Praise: Item received thankyou! Nice seller, recommended to all. (07/16/2007) Seller @jersey7174(127) 2007-07-07
0 Praise: Fast & Smooth Trades As Always!!! (06/19/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-06-17
0 Praise: Fast & Smooth Trades As Always!!! (06/19/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-06-15
0 Praise: Fast & Smooth Trades As Always!!! (06/19/2007) Buyer @aliciaf4(1087) 2007-06-14
0 Praise: Fast payment. Reliable Buyer. Hope to deal again. I have sent out the item already. (07/03/2007) Buyer @tanmenglee2004(244) 2007-06-12
0 Praise: thanks for the prompt replies and payment. (07/01/2007) Buyer @stand_for_peace(3) 2007-06-10
0 Praise: Very good and sincere buyer. Thanks! (06/13/2007) Buyer @lmgsr(863) 2007-06-10
0 Praise: Hi, nice dealing with you! Hope you like the album! =) (05/29/2007) Buyer @blurblurqueen0820(311) 2007-05-24
0 Complaint: nothing's been heard about this even though it's been so long (07/04/2007)
Response:i've given u my no. u r d 1 who didnt contact me (07/04/2007)
Seller @crazy_times_ben(26) 2007-04-28
0 Praise: excellent buyer. thanks. (04/21/2007) Buyer @tmsoks(1264) 2007-04-21
0 Praise: pls check your email account. have left u with a posb account to transfer to. (07/06/2007)
Response:hav u rec the payment yet? hav u send out the book? (07/09/2007)
very patient buyer. highly recommended. thanks alot! (07/09/2007)
Response:CAn i know when did u send out the book? i've yet to receive it~ (07/14/2007)
i sent the item out last week. you should have received the book by now? if not the very latest is tomorrow. can you change my rating afterwhich? thanks alot! (07/16/2007)
can u change my rating? thanks (07/18/2007)
Buyer @extra_brok(233) 2007-03-01
0 Praise: Fast respond seller....u get wht u see....excellent stuff..highly recommanded. (02/26/2007) Seller @peaceworld73(35) 2007-02-25
0 Praise: great buyer! (12/26/2006) Buyer @therealwaseda(34) 2006-12-20
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