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Frequently Asked Question

What is adpasar ?

"Pasar" literally means "market" according to the local culture. adpasar is a community based online shopping site in Singapore where ordinary people get together to Buy & Sell to each other.

How does adpasar work in general ?

As seller:
Submit item for sale either as fixed price or auction listing.

As shopper:
Shop online for a large collection of second-hand items & garage sales submitted by sellers in Singapore. Don't forget to participate in auctions and bid from low prices too.

Does adpasar provide assurance or warranty for stuff I purchased ?

adpasar serve only as a venue for members to trade with each other. We do not have control over the quality of the goods or services sold by our members. You should only purchase from members that you trust.

How to qualify as seller or merchant ?

You can freely trade with anyone in the community after signing up as a member. There is no such thing as a merchant account or a separate seller account.

Just wanna sell away some unwanted stuff at home. Is adpasar for me ?

Yes and yes ! That is the best way to enjoy adpasar. It is absolutely free to sell.

I run a business to sell online. Can I use adpasar ?

Certainly ! Anybody who sign-up as a member automatically qualifies him/her to trade with each other in the community.

Do you handle disputes between members ?

adpasar is a self-regulated trading community. We do not handle disputes and will never interfere the trades between members. It is important that you assess the risk and trade only with people that you trust.

How to check the reputation of a member ?

Each member is given a reputation score that starts from zero. Members can rate each other to accumulate positive points after completing a transaction.

You can click on the numeric digit displayed along with member's username at any point of time to check his/her reputation based on past transactions.

Is adpasar really free, any hidden charge ?

adpasar is always FREE. While many websites are charging a fee, commission or hidden cost for selling online, it costs you nothing to sell in adpasar.

Is there a limit on the number of free ads I can post ?

You can post unlimited free listings as long as they are non-duplicate and offer real goods or services for sale.

Any rules that I must know to avoid getting suspended ?

You are expected not to break any law or perform an act that is considered unfair, abusive or illegal.

Otherwise, you enjoy a substantial amount of freedom as a member. Trust us, we rarely suspend accounts except under extreme situation.

You may refer to our full Terms of Use to understand the acceptable way to use our service.

What are the risks involved when trading online ?

adpasar is a self-regulated community consisting of a complex mix of people and businesses. While it is generally safe when trading in adpasar, occasionally you may still find sloppy or irresponsible members that play against the rules.

We urge you to exercise prudence when trading online especially with overseas buyers or sellers. If in doubt, always request a phone call to verify the member before sending money or goods.

How to Sign-up and get started ?

It is fast, easy and free. Simply click on the sign-up button and follow a few on-screen instructions and you are done. You will be able to start shopping or selling immediately.

I still have other questions. Can I contact you ?

No problem. Simply contact us using the online contact form.

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