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How does adpasar work?
adpasar is one of Singapore's largest community marketplace for both new & second-hand items.


As buyers or shoppers

This means the great opportunity to find great deals on all kinds of items including second-hand goods and garage sales.


As sellers

Enjoy the ability to market & sell your items to the large audience without incurring expensive fees or charges. It is free to sell and there is no hidden charge.


Trading Principles
- Most of the listings are submitted in an Auction or Buy It Now format. It all begins when the seller submits an item on adpasar for sale with detailed information of the item including title, description & pictures.
- Potential shoppers & buyers search for their desired items and place bid or click "buy it now" on items they are interested in purchasing.
- The person who click Buy It Now or the person who placed the highest bid at the end of the auction is the official winner. Both buyer and seller have to make necessary arrangements for payment and shipping.
- Once payment is made and the item is delivered or collected, both buyer and seller leave fair feedbacks to each other on our system.
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